Great White Shark Cage Diving Daily Blog 14 May 2015 (Trip 1 + 2)

Guest comment: “Absolutely amazing and beautiful! Well recommended!” – Lindy

“Great experience! I want to thank the staff for being so helpful and understanding when I got seasick!” – Roan

“Excellent time, great crew! Thanks for everything!” – Tiago


Location: Wilfred’s Klip

Water Temperature: 16.0’C + 14.8’C

Depth: 20.4m + 21.1m

Visibility: 3.0m + 3.0m

Number of Sharks: 16 + 11

Conditions: Partial cloud coverage with a slight increased in wind and swell over the day.

With a scattered of clouds and a light wind we made our way out to the Island for the second day now. No waiting for those sharks to arrive today with the call of shark being heard 10 minutes after anchor was laid! This trip saw both of the satellite SPOT tagged sharks we believe to be in the bay at the moment, “Maureen” and “Maddox”. Both of these animals are great to show our passengers due to the tags and also their own individual and distinctive markings! As the first trip finished up and headed back with a detour through the Alley they came across a seal with a fresh but small bite wound, a very lucky seal and somewhere close by a not so lucky, possibly still hungry White Shark! The second trip of the day started off well with none other than the juvenile male “Dolphin Fin”, hurtling into view only 15 minutes after anchoring. It was great to see this shark around the Island as we have only documented him in the Shallows so far but apparently he is one of the animals that utilise both areas throughout their stay in the bay. “Maureen” also showed up for this trip gaining the title for largest shark of the day coming in at approximately 4.5m in length! Another shark-tastic day at the Island…

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