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Some great sightings with a couple of familiar sharky faces and a pod of Common Dolphins on the second trip…

Today was amazing visibility in the water. There was a large female shark present today who gave some fantastic launches out of the water! She was almost 4m in length, a real treat for the quests. The sharks were great and stayed around for a long time, which made the rotations in the cage very easy! Some very satisfied clients were on the boat today, incredible day!  Click on the link for the pictures…

The trip started off very slow and I did have my doubts at the start, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised. We had a couple of competitive sharks who were loving the attention from the clients! Rosi made her scheduled appearance and played her part. We made a stop at dyer Island to view the penguins, as an extra treat, which was great. The weather was great and the group on board were full of questions. All and all it was a good day!

Rosi was present once again and she loved the camera! Although there weren’t many sharks, the ones that were there came to play! The Australians were not expecting the cold water, but they couldn’t get enough of the action. There were some great photos as well!  Also our Mexican couple enjoyed a luxurious exclusive trip in the morning, enjoying the same great shark activity as well as Senior Matt’s espanol skills.

Conditions were much better then we expected today in the Dam.  Our clients who came sure got to see an awesome show today!  We had 7 sharks, starting off with some of the small white sharks we have seen a lot lately.  All of a sudden we picked up a 3m female shark who I did not recognize, she repeatedly gave our clients in the cage some AMAZING views of her pearly whites!  Towards the end of the trip we had a nice sized male come and give a phenomenal breach attempt on our decoy.  A very special trip today!

Water was a bit chilly again today in Joubertsdam.  That didn’t stop our clients from getting in the cage for some "sharktastic" action!  We were able to see 7 different Great Whites on our trip today, with some of them coming less than a meter away from the cage!  Our clients probably could have counted the "ampullae of Lorenzini" on their snouts!

We had two great trips in Joubertsdam today!  The first of which was an exclusive with an awesome film crew, which the conditions really played along for!  There was tons of sun, flat seas, and great visibility, which allowed the crew to get some top-notch footage.  The second trip was really nice as well, the visibility dropped slightly, but our clients were still able to get some really nice views in the cage.  Today was also Pieter’s birthday, the sharks must have known this because they treated him really well!

We got to our site today and it took some time before we got a shark.  We picked up a small 2m shark who gave us a few minutes of excitement.  After some time without sharks.  We made the decision to change locations, and it paid off!  We picked up sharks within 10 minutes, and got each and every cage some really nice sightings of these magnificent great whites!

We had lots of really good sharks today in Joubertsdam!  Two sharks in particular worked very well, one small and quick shark, and one larger shark who was very active.  All of our clients were able to see some fantastic passes from the cage, overall it was  JAWSOME day!

The visibility today was the best it has been in weeks!  That made it easy for our clients to see the sharks very clearly underwater!  The fact that the sharks gave some really close passes helped too!  We had lots of small, fast, and energetic sharks, including one that breached out of the water, on nothing!  The bait or decoy was not near the shark, but it breached anyway, possibly on a shadow or something that it thought was food!

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