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On Saturday the 25th of November a deceased white shark was reported to the South African Shark Conservancy by Ichthyologist, Sarah Halse, from the Breede area. On Sunday the 26th, Dyer Island Conservation Trust’s white shark biologist, Alison Towner, retrieved the shark and brought it back to DICT’s Kleinbaai facility.

This Women's Day we celebrate our Conservation Heroes, right here in Gansbaai. Our team of marine biologists and conservationists working for the Dyer Island Conservation TrustAfrican Penguin and Seabird Sanctuary – APSS, Marine Dynamics & Dyer Island Cruises share with us what drives them to protect the unique Dyer Island ecosystem, home of the Marine Big 5.

At 7 am this morning a deceased white shark Carcharodon carcharias was reported to the Dyer Island Conservation Trust by Anton Barnard in Pearly Beach…

Bit of a slow start to the day but the sharks did arrive with time as did the stingrays…

We were all interested in seeing what sort of conditions and activity we would be seeing today after a slow weekend with the sharks in the bay and a day off due to some bad weather conditions coming through…

The day was predicted to be a stunner and it truly was with little swell, a light, refreshing wind and clear skies however our sharks appeared to still be in the same mood as yesterday with many of the boats out on the bay struggling to get a sighting of this elusive animal…

We were back on the water after a day off due to some heavy weather conditions and the bay looked like a completely different area this morning with the sun shining on a relatively flat sea…

A blanket of White covered the bay today as we headed out this morning with mist hiding the Islands and much of the coastline. The sharks appeared as the mist started to disappear…

What a fantastic day to end the week. The conditions were enjoyable this morning as we headed out of Kleinbaai harbour and into the Shallows…

Starting the day early we had sharks around the boat within 45 minutes with one of the small male White sharks appearing at Slashfin this morning and starting the trip off with some fantastic activity…

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