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Tag: Great White Shark Cage Diving

A beautiful sunny day with two gorgeous great white sharks ….

We embarked on 3 epic Shark Cage Diving Excursions today…

A wonderful day out on the deep blue with a bit of a breeze blowing…

We launched at 11:00 today amd made our way towards The shallows, we're we hoped to come face to face with one of the worlds most feared predators…

A fin-tastic 3 hours on the water featuring a daring little Pajama Shark and 3 gorgeous Great Whites!

What a perfect day to be out on the water, some of the best conditions we have experience in some time…

We had three wonderful, unique trips out on Slashfin today with a westerly wind picking up a little more in the afternoon…

This afternoon we launched from Gansbaai harbour and had a nice trip around Danger Point out to the Shallows…

A great Youth day on the sea with 3 trips and a couple of great sightings…

We had two trips with a couple of big sharks around…

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