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What an incredible day out at sea for the MD team and our guests! 5/5 of the Marine Big 5; Bottlenose Dolphins, Sharks, Seals, Bryde's Whales, and African Penguins. Our divers were even lucky enough to enjoy both Bronze Whaler sharks and a Sevengill shark by the cage today.

What a fantastic day out at sea! Humpback dolphins, Short-tail stingray, Cape fur seal, Sunfin (Mola Mola) and our beautiful Bronze Whaler sharks!

What a fantastic trip we had today! Brilliant activity from the Bronze Whaler sharks, a Mola Mola on our way to the dive site and a cheeky Cape Fur seal by the boat!

What a warm summer day at sea! We had amazing Bronze whaler sharks and also lucky to see a Sunfish when on anchor on the first trip and on the way back from the second trip!

Sunny day at sea with lots of sharks! We also got a beautiful Sun fish right next to our boat at the end of the trip!

We had some excellent fun with the sharks throughout today!

With a chill in the air, Slashfin launched just after sunrise from Kleinbaai harbour and we headed out towards the islands..

We had three wonderful, unique trips out on Slashfin today with a westerly wind picking up a little more in the afternoon…

We watched a CATS tag get deployed on a White Shark today!

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