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A amazing day with Sightings Of Bronze whaler sharks, African penguin and even a Sunfish!

A new Great white shark in the bay! 

A little choppy day with amazing wildlife sightings in our bay, including the return of the Great white sharks!

We had such amazing guests from all over the world today! Unfortunately no shark sightings. But whales, penguins, and seals! 

A slow day out at sea! We had some Cape fur seals around the boat and a Bronze whaler shark.

What a great day! we had a Great white shark around the boat and also a Short-tail stingray!!!

What a great day on the boat, with a Great white showing up!

Early morning today, but with a beautiful shining sun! A lot of seal action today!

What a lovely day out at sea! We had Bronze whaler sharks, Sevengill sharks, and even Cape fur seals around the boat! 

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