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Beautiful day out at sea with a bit of swell but plenty of sharks!

What a way to start the day! Our trip started with the release of a baby sea turtle, back into the wild. Marine Dynamics took it upon themselves to release this animal back into its natural environment. Everyone on board was thrilled to be a part of this fantastic occasion, especially the little girl entrusted with the duty of releasing it. Afterwards we carried on towards our area of cage deployment where we had lots of shark activity waiting for us! The shark activity was amazing and the visibility in the water spectacular and these two elements always make for a winning combination! We spotted several box jellies today as well as a single blue bottle. On our return trip I was given a small love bite on my finger by a subantarctic skua while attempting to give it some food, it was very funny! I love those birds…

It was an extremely eventful trip today with lots to see. We were being invaded by swarms of blue bottles (only 3) and they made an interesting conversation topic for quite some time! Our infamous “Big Nemo” made an appearance to the delight of the crew, she really isn’t the pretty’s girl in the water, but she’s still fantastic! All our sharks were more or less 3.5 meters in length today except for our final shark of the day who was 4 meters in length. The sharks were not us energetic and jumpy as usual, but they compensated by giving some REALLY close passes by the cage. On our way back to harbour we were treated with a bryde’s whale sighting, these ‘small’ whales frequent this area very often and it is always a treat to see them! A great day…

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