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The group this morning had a nice Sunday sleep in with launch time being 11:am due to the tides. It appeared that the sharks were also a bit late today…

We are lucky enough to have many Great Whites visit our vessel whilst out on the water. Some of these individuals are easily identifiable due to scars, pigmentation, tags, notches in dorsal and caudal fins and also missing pieces from their fins. Some have earned names for such interesting, distinguishable features and have also been seen to have distinctive personality traits to match as well! It is my pleasure to introduce a few of our favourites…

The sharks certainly arrived with lots of energy today…

The trip started off with "Nemo" visiting us within minutes of setting up the cage today…  


Our first four sharks of the day have become quite the regulars over the past few days…


You could not have planned a more spectacular trip if you tried. The sharks were magnificent in every sense of the word…

Some days it’s just a pleasure to be on the ocean and this was most definitely one of them…

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