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We anchored back at the island today, just at the mouth of Shark Alley, and success we had… 


It was a great day at sea with little to no waiting time for the sharks to arrive! It is always a great treat if the sharks decide to arrive promptly at ‘work’! The sharks we encountered were for the most part well above the 3 meter mark and very entertaining. As an extra treat we were greeted by a whole family of African (black footed) penguins, they were very close to the boat and then started to move out towards greener pastures. Just to top off an amazing day, we were very fortunate to have encountered a massive pod of bottlenose dolphins on our way back in towards the harbour. What an amazing treat…

We had a very early start to our day this morning, due to the fact that they had predicted a change in weather conditions later in the afternoon. We were one of two boats out on the water and found great conditions in Shark Alley. The sharks were quick to arrive and gave some nice passes for the guys in the cage! It was however a bit difficult for some of the clients to get that perfect out of the water photos due to the glare factor on the surface. The largest shark was around the 4 meter mark and one of the sharks was missing the tip of its fin, it seems to have occurred from a bite. Another successful trip…

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