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The first boat out on the water, we were welcomed into the Shallows with blue skies and a light easterly wind…

With yesterday's success we were all excited to head back out onto the water to see the White sharks…

The sun was shining brightly this morning as Slashfin left the harbour with our first group of divers! Once in the shallows there was a 30 minute wait before the first shark showed up…

We had one early trip this morning on the cards due to some strong westerly winds coming through the bay from around 11am onwards. Moments after arrival… 

We launched from Gansbaai Harbour this morning due to low tides and made our way around Danger Point and into the Shallows. Once at our dive site… 

Marine Dynamics together with The Dyer Island Conservation Trust, has developed a project in which Great White Sharks can be acoustically tracked to assess their behaviour. One such shark, named Lori, was spotted from our shark cage diving vessel recently…

What a fantastic day it was on the water today. We were once again the only boat out today and it paid off heavily! On our way out of the harbour we were given an air show from our sub-antarctic skuas. There were six of them flying within our grasp which made it very special. In Shark Alley we were treated to several large and infamous sharks, namely ‘Slash Fin’ and possibly ‘Nick’. Slash Fin is easy to recognise by his unique fin, as you can see. He gave several great passes and put on a very nice show for our Norwegian clients! It was very special to be able to see so many sharks in about 5 meter deep crystal clear waters! Very special day…

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