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After Slashfin was taken out this morning for an Eco trip we started boarding for a shark cage diving trip and people started asking where our cage was. They were glad to hear that we didn’t forget it but that it was dropped at Joubertsdam after the Eco trip that morning…

An early morning launch from Gansbaai harbor today as the tide was too low for Slashfin to launch from Kleinbaai harbor. This provided us with the opportunity to have a closer look at danger point and at some bird species we spot frequently in this area. Flying along for a bit was a Cape Gannet, recognizable by its golden head and blue eyes, a beautiful bird…

An early morning start today for a group of Italian researchers and students. They are joining us to have a closer look at the behavior of the white shark. They have been doing once a year for the last ten so it was nice to welcome them back for their second year with us. 

As we woke up this morning we could hear the mist horn indicating that we would have to deal with it the whole day as there was very little wind…

The day started off with an amazing sunrise as we were driving out of the harbor to make our way towards Joubertsdam…

A sunny day with cold waters in the bay and lots of sharks that came to say " hey".

Today was once again proof that shark cage diving is an activity for the young and the old!

Today was full of surprises.. read the full post to find out!

As the easterly winds have been pushing quite a bit the last days and water temperature has been dropping slowly.. we were very curious to find out what we would find in the shallows.

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