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A beautiful morning out on sea with some stunning conditions and gold class activity from the Bronze Whaler sharks!

"The sharks ghosted us but we had a great time!" – Lindsay, Noludwe + Perle

The overcast skies were not the only things to greet us as we headed out to our dive site for the morning! A Subantarctic Skua, swooped around Slashfin… 

The North-Wester was blowing with full force today, making for some choppy sea conditions however, 7 sharks made it all worth it in the end…

We could not have asked for a better start to our trip today than the sighting of a Southern Right Whale on route to our dive sight! These are incredible animals, not only for their size but also for their relaxed way of doing things. We could all learn something from how these animals simply just enjoy life! Our sister company, “Dyer Island Cruises”, also had a whale watching trip scheduled with some great sightings. We decided to leave the whales behind and carry on towards our dive sight, where we had action awaiting us! Our second shark was also our biggest one at 4 meters in length and also stayed with the boat for some time! A really great trip with some awesome sightings! Keep it up sharkies…

It was once again the Subantarctic Skuas duty to escort us out to our dive site, however today he really came very close! We were kept waiting a bit today but the end result was worth it! We had several large sharks make their passes by the cage and there was even a large 4 meter female coming very close. She seemed intoxicated in the way that she just floated pass the front of the cage, an amazing shark she was! “Slash Fin” made another short and dramatic appearance for the clients and impressed them with his 4.7 meter body! It just started to rain so our trip was timed perfectly, great stuff team…

Today was so much more than just a shark cage diving experience, we were so fortunate to have loads of shark activity as well as various other animals in the area! Our day started brilliantly with lots of active sharks and amazing visibility. “Big Nemo” paid us a visit and she was looking very ravishing!  After our amazing shark diving excursion, our guests were welcomed by at least 20 bottlenose dolphins off the bow of the boat. They were truly an awesome sight. After that we ventured past shark alley to visit our friends the seals who were lazing about on Geyser Rock. Finally making our way back into port we had some subantarctic skua trying to grab some fish from our crew. It is amazing how these birds literally eat out of your hands. Truly a great day…

Wow! We had a truly amazing time at sea today. The day started off on a wet note with heaps of rain, fortunately for us we were on a well equipped vessel. We simply released the side tarps and that protected us from all the rain, being the largest shark diving boat in South Africa has its perks! The rainbow was a good sign for us; the shark activity was very high with very close passes by the cage! The visibility in the water was amazing for most of the trip allowing for marvellous viewing, the rain offers some advantages. The sharks were passing time and time again and were all in the size range of about 3.5 meters. After the rain had moved on we were greeted by beautiful flat seas! It was an adventure packed day…

I am absolutely thrilled to report that we had a very famous shark around the boat today, ‘Bullet’, aka ‘Big Nemo’. This shark appears to have gone through several world wars and survived. It is missing its left pectoral fin; it has a large hole in its dorsal fin and to top it off a large bite wound to the side of its head! This shark is still going strong; this clearly demonstrates the remarkable healing ability of these animals! We spotted the same shark today as yesterday, with the hook in its mouth, and I have included a photo which is quite graphic. Talks are currently underway in order to devise a plan in which we can help this shark! The trip itself today had great activity with some very close passes from the sharks; the only problem I think is that I need to start putting on more sunscreen :)! I’m becoming darker every day! This is a good reference for all our future clients to remember to pack in your sun block… Great Day!

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