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A bit slow on the shark side, but we got to see a sevengill shark and some Bryde's whales at the end!

Unfortunately no sharks but we got some whale and penguin action going on!

The sharks did not appear to want to play today however we had some fantastic conditions out on sea and some beautiful marine mammal and seabird encounters…

A  bright and early start for the group today but we were lucky enough to encounter not just sharks but the other four animals that make up the Marine Big 5…

What an absolute treat for all on board! Two Great Whites, Seals, Penguins and a Whale! 4 out of Marine Big 5!

A bright and early start to the day but with a lot of early and not so much bright as we launched right as the sun was trying to make it's way up and the clouds began to clear…

Where to start…. Fins up people and scream if you wanna go louder!

Rise and shine shark cage divers, we have an experience of a lifetime waiting…

Guess where we were today…The Island! Today marked the first day of what is our Winter diving season and what a day it was…

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