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Once again we are heading out to sea excited about what we might encounter today!

A cold and slower day for us! We luckily had a few sightings of a female Bronze whaler shark and some seven-gill sharks!

Fantastic ocean conditions with two shark species around the cage!

Today was flat and sunny and our guests had some great sightings of sharks!

A sunny day today with lots of Bronze whaler sharks around the cage!!

What a windy but great day at sea!! Loads of sharky action!!

We didn't let rain stop us from having an amazing day of cage diving today. Loads of Sharks and whales in the bay today :)

we had a beautiful start of the week with sharks, stingrays dolphins and whales!

While the sky was a little miserable today our guests and divers aboard Slashfin certainly were not! Great shark activity and some bonus marine life sightings made for a very memorable day!

Lovely day out at sea with lots of sharks: bronze whalers and a sevengill popping by, and a seal!

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