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What a beautiful day we had, water was cold but we could enjoy shark activity on all our trips today!

What a day for us today! The visibility was incredible and the sharks were out to play! And by "sharks" we mean all the sharks! Today we had such incredible bronze whaler activity, but also had a glimpse of a 3m white shark!

Some incredible activity we got out of our sharks today! Bronze whalers were on it as usual and also a few nice passes from two different white sharks!

What a swell of a day at sea! We got so lucky to have amazing Bronze Whaler sharks around from the beginning to the end of our trips today. And also A Great White shark out on our 2. trip!

We had a nice and calm day today with plenty of bronze whaler activity and some incredible passes from two different white sharks!

What a day we had at sea! Not the calmest sea conditions but the sharks were amazing! We also got so lucky to see a breaching Great white shark right in front of our cage on our 2. trip!

We got out to sea bright and early today! While waiting for the sun to warm up we got some good Bronze whaler shark activity and a brief look at two White sharks! 

An absolutely incredible sunny day out at sea for us! We once again were so privileged to see white sharks, bronze whalers, and short-tail stingrays!

What an incredible Wednesday for our guests and the crew alike! White sharks, Bronze Whalers, Short-tail stingrays and a Cape Fur seal chasing mullets in front of the cage!

Another day is another incredible opportunity for us to see white sharks, bronze whalers, and stingrays! And we succeeded! 

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