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The tide was going out quickly this morning as we launched, the sky was overcast and threatening to rain yet the bay was flat and calm…

Sharks were very quick to arrive on the scene, we barely had to wait 5 minutes before the first beautiful animal showed up…

What a day at sea today! We had very calm sea conditions, amazing visibility, great sharks and wonderful guests on board. We barely had to wait 5 minutes before the first sharks started to arrive and they were only the start of things to come! The sharks remained with the boat throughout the entire trip. We even had a few celebrity sharks make an appearance, ‘Zane’ and ‘Woundy’ being the stars of today’s trip. One of the young girls, who was only seven years old, was a bit nervous about going into the cage and had told us she only wanted one pass from a shark. After 20 minutes in the cage all I could hear from her was “…just one more pass and then I’ll get out…”, she said that about 20 times :)! What a trooper…

It was a day of constant anticipation at sea, a feeling of anxiety of not knowing when the shark may surprise us. The sharks kept us waiting for quite some time today and I started to wonder whether or not they were upset with us over something :)! Just as the skipper was about to make the decisions to change locations they showed up in full force. In the space of 15 minutes four different sharks showed up and gave some very close passes! Each cage had a shark introduce itself personally to each of the clients. At times I believed the shark was staring right into people’s souls! The day really and truly ended off with a bang!

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