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Every day proves to be different from the last, and today every trip proved to be different from the next..

Monofilament fishing line is one of the most destructive. It is not biodegradable and is the cause of death for many seabirds and other marine animals. Marine pollution especially fishing line and plastics make their way into the sea and can entangle around the bodies or insides (if eaten) of animals, potentially leading to death…

No late sleep-ins for our shark cage divers this morning with an early start to the day! Atleast it was a nice day to wake up too…

What a way to end an already fantastic week! We had fantastic conditions out on the water…

Today saw the Zimmermann party join us for a morning of shark cage diving…

Marine Dynamics together with The Dyer Island Conservation Trust, has developed a project in which Great White Sharks can be acoustically tracked to assess their behaviour. One such shark, named Lori, was spotted from our shark cage diving vessel recently…

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