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How big do Bronze Whaler sharks get? How many teeth do they have? Here we look at a few facts surrounding the external physical characteristics of this species…

So you know white sharks have a sixth sense and that they can have 30,000 teeth over a lifetime – but do you know these top 10 facts?

Where do white shark migrate to and how do we track them, and what does this mean for white sharks worldwide??

Our Valentine’s day special: How do white sharks get it on?  Now that we know about claspers… why do you need two??  This post is all about shark sex – 18 YEARS or OLDER ONLY!

Do white sharks give live birth or do they lay eggs?  Do mom sharks take care of their young or are they left on their own?  This blog gives you the facts!

Surely there are male and female sharks, but how do you tell?  These next few blog posts have to do with momma and poppa sharks, baby sharks, and how they get busy..

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