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Fantastic shark activity and perfect weather conditions today made for three perfect shark cage diving trips!

We started our first trip of the day in some really beautiful calm conditions…

A little sleepy but super excited we started our trip. Even though it was a little choppy coming out of the harbour it was nice and calm at the Shallows, our anchor spot

Fridays' first Great White shark was seen cruising just below the waters' surface off the back of the boat…

We arrived into the Shallows this morning to a nice surprise…a big increase in visibility from the past few days…

We launched from Gansbaai Harbour this morning due to low tides and made our way around Danger Point and into the Shallows. Once at our dive site… 

The first trip of the day saw “Jacob” arrive half an hour after anchoring…

Good morning Kleinbaai! We headed out nice and early this morning with the sun rising beautifully as we arrived at our dive site in the shallows. We had lovely conditions today …

It was an early trip out to sea in order to avoid the strong winds of the afternoon, we timed it to perfection…

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