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Our Christmas day spent with stunning Bronzies! Merry Christmas indeed!

A nice early launch saw us heading out of the harbour with the morning sun shining down. It took us some time to see our first shark this morning but…

Today got off to a slower start than usual. I was growing accustomed to the last couple of weeks where the sharks were quick to arrive on the scene! It seemed the sharks had a huge party over the weekend and decided to sleep in :)! The sharks who decided to come to work put on an amazing show. I will let the photos speak for themselves! We had some amazing bird sightings on the trip as well; we saw a subantarctic skua, kelp gulls as well as several storm petrels. Our box jellies were also hanging around the boat in large numbers, they love to pose! Even though the sharks were late to arrive today, Mother Nature kept us entertained throughout! Always something new everyday…

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