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A day of abundant marine life sightings in the sunshine!

Early start for us this Sunday! And it was absolutely worth it. Bronze Whalers were eager to "play" and we were over the moon, as usual, to have them around us.

A brilliant day on the water with plenty of shark activity to keep us company!

It was a beautiful day with some jaw-dropping wildlife sightings!

It was a windy but amazing day out at sea! Sharks, penguins, seals and whales!

It was a wet and wild day on the water for our guests and crew! 

Another amazing sunny day out at sea.

It was a windy and chilly day out on the sea today, but that did not stop us from having an amazing day out on the water today, with loads of wildlife visits from sharks to rays.

A nice day on the boats with great visibility and sun!! Our Bronze whaler sharks were very active around the boat!

Such a perfect day to go Shark cage diving! With better visibility and Bronze whaler sharks everywhere! 

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