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It was a windy but amazing day out at sea! Sharks, penguins, seals and whales!

The sun had just risen over the horizon when we headed out to The Shallows….

Where to start…. Fins up people and scream if you wanna go louder!

The sharks have been slower to arrive on site the last few days, but they always love making a dramatic entrance! We were not graced with large numbers of sharks today, however the one shark did stay with the boat throughout the trip and offered a great number of passes. Our giant petrels were playing with fire today once again, they just love provoking the sharks as you can see from the photos! The shark just loved the attention and several guests were able to capture some amazing under water footage Weather conditions were phenomenal and the sea was as flat as a dam! Everyone had the opportunity to work on their tan, even me! Great stuff…

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