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A slow day on the sea with the Bronze whaler shark a little on the shy side, however, we succeeded with some sightings and were also graced with the presence of some Common dolphins, Cape fur seals, and a Short-tail stingray!

What an amazing day out at sea today! We had a wonderful time with our Bronze Whaler sharks and were even lucky enough to come across a pod of Common dolphins on our second trip!

What an incredible day out at sea with our stunning marine life never failing to impress us!

A beautiful day out on sea with some fantastic conditions and great marine mammal and seabird sightings, however the sharks stayed hidden again today…

A beautiful day to be on sea with some great wildlife encounters throughout the day, however we were missing one thing…the sharks unfortunately…

It was a beautiful morning….

We headed out this morning into a slight drizzle but that didn’t dampen our spirits!

A gloomy start to the day with low laying clouds and a sprinkling of rain here and there but as we headed out of the harbour the day immediately brightened up as we spied a large pod of Common dolphins heading our way…

We came for sharks, but were treated to so much more!

Some great sightings with a couple of familiar sharky faces and a pod of Common Dolphins on the second trip…

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