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Back on the water with great sightings after a day on land!

Beautiful day out at sea with loads of sunshine and sharks! And we are back to Triple S diving – Sharks, Seal and Stingray!

And after a weekend off due to the weather conditions Slashfin is back at sea enjoying sharks!

Just one trip as we tried to stay out of the bad weather and chase some sun and calm waters

Today in order to beat the coming storm we started our day a bit earlier than usual, but it did pay off with a beautiful sunrise!

We started our day nice and early with a beautiful sunrise on the horizon, another stunning day at sea, making us forget that it is winter…

We started our first trip of the day in some really beautiful calm conditions…

Shark steals the spotlight in our underwater surveys, as Marine Dynamic’s video gear witnesses a great encounter

On Saturday the 25th of November a deceased white shark was reported to the South African Shark Conservancy by Ichthyologist, Sarah Halse, from the Breede area. On Sunday the 26th, Dyer Island Conservation Trust’s white shark biologist, Alison Towner, retrieved the shark and brought it back to DICT’s Kleinbaai facility.

Last year in January 2016, the great white shark diving industry based in Gansbaai South Africa experienced a challenging period where practically no white sharks were observed at any boat-for almost an entire month…

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