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What a swell of a day at sea! We got so lucky to have amazing Bronze Whaler sharks around from the beginning to the end of our trips today. And also A Great White shark out on our 2. trip!

This Shark Week Season will feature a number of programs starring our team members, Ph.D. candidate Alison Towner and marine conservationist/adventurer/skipper Dickie Chivell.

Discovery Channel's Shark Week returns for the 31st time!  More than 20 hours of shark programming are being aired from July 28 through August 4 2019. Marine Dynamics senior white shark biologist, Alison Towner, will feature in  "Expedition Unknown: Megalodon" as well as in "Air Jaws Strikes Back".


Little Lumpy was around for the 2nd trip as well and she swam up to a few birds to investigate. The birds usually take off before when the sharks get too close but today Little lumpy managed to catch a Giant Petrel…

Anchored in Shark Alley we were sheltered from the swell and lucky to see lots of active Great White sharks. Today we proved once again that people from any age can join us on the boat as we had a 2 year old girl on the boat…

The first time she watched the American action thriller movie, Jaws, she was only 10 years old. ‘And the movie was not frightening at all” says Zaneta. That was the beginning of her love affair with great white sharks. She came all the way from Poland for shark cage diving with Marine Dynamics. She booked 5 consecutive days of shark cage diving trips and went into the cage 9 times in total…

The third shark was also an interesting shark as it had a satellite tag on the dorsal fin. It turned out to be Helen Suzman a shark tagged by Ocearch back in 2012. She was tagged in Mossel Bay but we have only started seeing her in Gansbaai this year… 

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