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How big do Bronze Whaler sharks get? How many teeth do they have? Here we look at a few facts surrounding the external physical characteristics of this species…

Bronze Whaler sharks can affectionately be heard referred to as the golden sharks of Gansbaai, it only seems right that we delve deeper into the Bronze Whaler shark with this introduction – stay tuned over the coming weeks for more information relating to this stunning species of shark…

INFOGRAPHIC -Orcas Hunt Great Whites In Gansbaai South Africa

So you know white sharks have a sixth sense and that they can have 30,000 teeth over a lifetime – but do you know these top 10 facts?

How old white sharks can live is yet another easy looking question, but in actuality has a very difficult answer.  Estimates range from 30 – +100 years, so what is the truth behind this shark ‘fact’? 

Have you ever heard that white sharks can have +30,000 teeth in their lifetime or 50,000 or 75,000!! This shark fact blog bites into the topic of shark teeth…

This question has reared its ugly head once or twice on Slashfin, so I thought I’d lay it to rest with this week’s shark fact blog!  We’ll learn about gill slits, revisit ram ventilation, and show how two branches of evolution come up with two different solutions.

Have you ever pet a shark (not that we condone shark petting!)?  Shark skin is smooth if you rub them from head to tail, but rough if you go tail to head.  This is because shark skin is actually teeth and this shark blog explains all about it…

Have you ever wondered, when do white sharks go through puberty?  This shark fact blog delivers the facts (of what we know) about white shark sexual maturity.  Do they get acne and voice cracks too??

The megalodon shark, an extinct cousin of the great white sharks, could reach lengths of 16m. So how big can white sharks grow to now? This shark fact blog examines the latest research and record catches of white sharks.

If you have a white shark question that hasn’t been featured yet on the blog, email us by clicking here! 

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