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What looked like a rainy day turned into a lovely sunny day with some beautiful Bronze Whaler Sharks!

A beautiful day out at sea with lots of bronzies!

Stunning day out at sea with plenty of animals to look at!

Another stunning winter day out at sea with Marine Dynamics with some beautiful sharks and nice weather

Look out, Slashfin and her crew were back on sea again after a two day break due to winter conditions moving through the area…

A wonderful day out on the deep blue with a bit of a breeze blowing…

It was a gloomy start to the day but with time the rain stopped and the clouds cleared. The sharks didn't mind the weather and it didn't take long for them to show up…

The fog that has plagued us for the last 2 days was still around this morning, casting itself across the coast line and shrouding everything it touched behind a wall of white…

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