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Beautiful calm day on the water with lots of sharks

Mondays can be fun, when you spend them in a company of white sharks! Another brilliant day with Marine Dynamics! 

What a beautiful day for shark cage diving! We launched from Kleinbaai harbour with the sun shining bright and a light breeze keeping things fresh…

Today was a unique and interesting day on the water! We were joined exclusively by the national junior Dutch cricket team and their guardians! They were all very excited about the prospect of seeing great white sharks in the wild. The sharks however kept us waiting a bit longer than usual today, it was only after persuading the boys to sing to the sharks that they decided to make an appearance. We had another large 4 meter shark around the boat all to ourselves, due to the fact that we were the only vessel out on the water today! Our tailor made boat makes it much easier to endure large swells on the water. Some of our guests suffered from temporary “motion distress”, but that did not prevent them from entering the cage! Great stuff Holland…

We had an awesome trip with amazing shark and bird activity at sea. We had an enormous flock of cape cormorants fly pass and keep us company throughout the trip. These birds are easy to recognise by their black bodies and the orange colouration around their beaks! The sharks gave us some amazing launches out of the water! I was happy to see everyone with big smiles…

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