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The sharks were back in the shallows today and so were we…

Well it looks like we have the best of both worlds with Summer weather conditions yet Winter shark activity…

 We launched from Gansbaai harbour again this morning due to low tides. Once around Danger Point and into the shallows we had a wonderful morning…

The morning trip today was for the Primo research team, a group of professors and students looking to further explore White Shark behaviour. The sharks showed up quickly…

We are lucky enough to have many Great Whites visit our vessel whilst out on the water. Some of these individuals are easily identifiable due to scars, pigmentation, tags, notches in dorsal and caudal fins and also missing pieces from their fins. Some have earned names for such interesting, distinguishable features and have also been seen to have distinctive personality traits to match as well! It is my pleasure to introduce a few of our favourites…

We were back trying in the shallows again today and it looks like that’s where the sharks are at the moment…

First day of the New Year was a good one with double figure sightings on each of the tree trips…

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