Daily Blog 09 May 2015 (Trip 1 + 2) | Great White Shark Cage Diving Gansbaai

Guest comment: “Fantastic experience! Marine Dynamics helped check off a bucket list item in a memorable way!” – Preethifwani and Family

“It was amazing! One of the greatest experiences we’ve all ever had. Thank you so much for the opportunity!” -Lee, Natalie, Amy, Maxwell + Julie

“Amazing, 12 sharks in one trip – loved every second and felt very well looked after, thank you!” – Emma + Ben


Location: Joubertsdam
Water Temperature: 16.0’C + 16.2’C
Depth: 13.0m + 12.0m
Visibility: 3.0m + 1.5
Number of Sharks: 12 + 14
Conditions: Clear, bright skies with a light wind and small swells.

Well it looks like we have the best of both worlds with Summer weather conditions yet Winter shark activity! This mornings trip started of with a bang, after a 30 minute wait for the first shark to arrive paid off greatly as an approximately 3.2m shark came torpedoing in, leaving all on board, including the crew in awe of the speed and activity this shark was exhibiting! The action didn’t stop there with some remarkably large and active sharks coming by, including a large female with a remora attached to its right side. Remora’s are somewhat of a rare sight around here and one has not been spotted accompanying a shark from our boat at all in 2015. A great thing for those on board to see! In the last five minutes of this morning’s trip who should turn up but “Rosie’. Last we saw of “Rosie” she had an extensive injury, most likely caused by a boat propeller, to the right side of her head, whilst White sharks have been seen to be very much a resilient species we did hold concerns for her, however we are happy to report that the marks look to be healing , hopefully we will have the chance to monitor her in the future. The second trip of the day set out under clear blue skies arriving in the shallows in no time we were greeted by a fantastic sight…two, that’s right not one but two White sharks in the area. One of our first arriver’s was “Pieter”, who kept everyone fascinated with his speed, agility and general liking of leaping out of the water! We were also lucky enough to see “Malcolm X”, who has not been very sighted much in the last few weeks, but who is always welcome to come by and give a big fin wave. Yet again we caught sight of the female with the Remora on her right side, and “Fishing Line Shark” also came by briefly. Both trips also caught a glimpse of the Short-tailed stingrays that have been hanging around the last few days with the warmer waters. Today was one of those days that people can easily understand the reason these magnificent creatures are called GREAT White Sharks…

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