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Our divers enjoyed some great close-up shark action today! The beautiful Sevengill sharks were especially active today and made numerous passes by the cage on both trips.

Our patience paid off! We saw a juvenile Great White shark – what a trip!

A bit of a misty start, but absolutely incredible visibility on site and great relaxed bronzies cruising around!

Wonderful day out at sea with stunning shark activity!

A white shark knows how to brighten a day, Yes, you read correctly – A GREAT WHITE SHARK!

Wonderful late Saturday morning with an awesome and enthusiatic group! The sharks were out to play!

Wonderful Wednesday here in Gansbaai with beautiful golden sharks playing nicely in the sun

A gloomy start to the day with low laying clouds and a sprinkling of rain here and there but as we headed out of the harbour the day immediately brightened up as we spied a large pod of Common dolphins heading our way…

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