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The North-Wester was blowing with full force today, making for some choppy sea conditions however, 7 sharks made it all worth it in the end…

I am absolutely thrilled to report that we had a very famous shark around the boat today, ‘Bullet’, aka ‘Big Nemo’. This shark appears to have gone through several world wars and survived. It is missing its left pectoral fin; it has a large hole in its dorsal fin and to top it off a large bite wound to the side of its head! This shark is still going strong; this clearly demonstrates the remarkable healing ability of these animals! We spotted the same shark today as yesterday, with the hook in its mouth, and I have included a photo which is quite graphic. Talks are currently underway in order to devise a plan in which we can help this shark! The trip itself today had great activity with some very close passes from the sharks; the only problem I think is that I need to start putting on more sunscreen :)! I’m becoming darker every day! This is a good reference for all our future clients to remember to pack in your sun block… Great Day!

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