Great White Sharks hunted by Orcas in Gansbaai Continues

24 June 2017

Call out & Dissection

The Dyer Island Conservation Trust (DICT) team was called out on Saturday 24th June 2017 after another deceased shark washed ashore in Pearly Beach, Gansbaai. The DICT team completed another white shark necropsy, led by white shark biologist, Alison Towner.

“The deceased male shark measured 4.1m in total length. He was missing his liver, his testes and stomach. The carcass may be a few days old but it seems relatively fresh and bled out massively. All necessary samples have been taken for the various scientific projects. This is the 4th documented deceased white shark since May that we can connect to Orca predation” said Towner.

The pair of Orcas believed to be responsible for the shark deaths was sighted offshore of Danger Point in the morning then again in Franskraal later in the day. Marine Dynamics cage diving boat tracked the pair. Subsequently all cage diving boats failed to see white sharks that day and the sharks have been elusive.

Here is the timeline of events for the first three retrieved and dissected sharks:



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