Great White Shark Diving South Africa | Daily trip 08 July 2014 (Trip1+2)

Guest comment: “I found Nemo! Amazing experience, would love to do it again!” – Bryony

“Absolutely incredible experience! The staff was the best – we learnt a ton and were just the right balance of terrified and amazed. Thank you so much!”- The Wrobel Family

“I was impressed with your service, very professional! Absolutely enjoyed the experience. Thank you!” – Ruta


Location: Wilfred’s Rock
Water Temperature: 16.0’C
Depth: 20.7m
Visibility: 5.0m + 7.0m
Number of Sharks: 13 + 15
Conditions: Sunny with a bit of wind and chop

It was only yesterday I was commenting on the fact we haven’t seen dolphins from Slashfin in quite some time and low and behold just after we had left the harbour we came across a pod of Bottlenose dolphins as well as some friendly Cape Fur Seals mixed amongst them. A fantastic way to start off the day before heading on to our dive site at the back of the Alley. This area is known to us as Wilfred’s Rock, we have been diving there for the past few weeks and have had much success with sharks visiting the boat and great visibility and today was no different! We had sharks from the get go with our first few individuals being “playful” juveniles however it wasn’t long before the big ones came to play! Our first large shark was a 4.0m female with patches of parasites on her head that we have been seeing quite regularly and is always exciting to have her around the boat due to her sheer size and the fact she is so active. We also had our small yet feisty “Fishing Line Shark” darting around the cage. The divers on board with us today had no trouble finding “Nemo”, a large female that the crew on Slashfin has been seeing for years now. This shark has a distinctive injury to her dorsal fin that has caused it to bend in and over and has also lost most of her right pectoral fin. Whilst this is one scruffy looking shark she is an absolute beauty to have around the boat, welcome back Nemo! Our second trip continued in a similar fashion to our first trip with a large number of active sharks present including some of our visitors from this morning. A highlight of this afternoon’s trip would have to be the predation that occurred close enough to the boat that we could see the shark propel itself and the unlucky seal into a summersault out of the water and through the air! Last but not least we had “Malcolm X” come by for a quick visit to finish off our wonderful day of shark cage diving! Over all we had a list of celebrity-like sharks seen today. It is always a great day when one of our known and named sharks comes to play…

If you are looking to get up close and personal with the great white shark then Great White Shark Diving in South Africa, and more specifically with Marine Dynamics, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you won’t want to miss. Book online with us and get a free video of your encounter with the world’s apex predator.


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