Great White Shark Cage Diving Daily Blog 25 April 2016 (Trip 1 + 2)

Guest comment: “Wonderful trip – well worth the cost! Crew was awesome!” – Eileen

Coolest thing I’ve ever done – thanks so much!” – Amelia

Thank you for a fantastic experience! Wonderful crew & great views!” – Kamna & Kevin


Location: The Island

Water Temperature: 15.0°C +16.4 °C

Depth: 16.0m + 14.0m

Visibility: 4.0m + 4.0m

Number of Sharks: 4 + 2

Conditions: Overcast in the morning but cleared up later, little swell and increasing westerly wind

We are slowly heading into the South African winter, so we decided this morning to try our luck at our winter dive site around Dyer Island. On our way we were extremely lucky and spotted a Bryde’s whale and some African penguin. Arrived and after waiting for about half an hour we were surprised by ‘Cutfin’ one of the sharks we have seen the last few weeks in the shallows. ‘Cutfin’ was entertaining us for a while before another shark arrived. In total we had four different sharks around Slashfin and the biggest one was around 4m. Although we saw in average less sharks than in the shallows we had sharks constantly and the great visibility around the Island definitely make up for the number of sharks. We also spotted a lot of different seabirds around our vessel we usually don’t get to see in the Joubertsdam. After great shark activity, just before heading back to the Kleinbaai harbour we were cruising through the world famous Shark Alley. There we had a look at our Cape Fur seal colony on Geyser Rock, which is home up to 50.000 of them. What a fantastic trip with four out of the Marine Big 5.

The second trip of the day launched with a slight increase in the wind and swell, however being anchored behind the Island gave us a little protection. We arrived on anchored and picked up our cage and proceeded to play the waiting game just like our previous trip, when just on approximately 50 minutes after arriving our first shark of the trip showed up, the same male from the first trip known as ‘Cutfin”. This smaller male shark stuck around the entire trip and allowed each cage to have a beautiful view of him underwater, thanks also to the clear visibility, something we don’t see too often in this bay! We also had a larger male, close to 4m cruise on by, however he didn’t show much interest and was gone soon after, leaving the stage to ‘Cutfin’. Before heading back we went to have a closer look at Geyser Rock with its’ Cape Fur Seal population, such an entertaining animal to watch. A wild trip out this afternoon to see the White sharks.

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