Daily Blog 29 August 2016 (Trip 1 + 2) | Shark Diving Gansbaai

Guest comment: “Loved it, great experience. Super service of entire staff. Thanks everyone!” – Jon + Erinn

“Amazing, great experience. Thank you to all the team! – Ignacio + Lonore

“Thanks so much guys for this amazing experience. Everything has been perfec, good organisation, good spotting and very good staff – thanks again. Cheers fom the French Family!” – Elodie, Bruno, Patricia + Yolande


Location: Joubertsdam
Water Temperature: 16.0’C + 16.1’C
Depth: 11.3m + 12.1m
Visibility: 2.0m + 1.0m
Number of Sharks: 5 + 5
Conditions: Increasing wind causing some afternoon choppy conditions.

Trip 1
We were met with lovely conditions this morning as Slashfin launched from Kleinbaai and made it’s way into the Shallows. The team here at Marine Dynamics was a bit anxious today as the bay has been experiencing some slow activity with the change of season however the first shark of the day appeared only 40 minutes after the boat did and four more were to follow. The first shark was a juvenile however this little one soon left and made way for the big sharks to come and play with the next four sharks to be seen being over the 3.5m length.

Trip 2
The second trip of the day launched to some choppier conditions however this did not deter our White sharks and we had some surprisingly good activity this afternoon. The first shark to arrive was a small female we have become very acquainted with over the last 5 weeks and was recently adopted and named “3Bird”. This little female stuck around for much of the first half of the trip before other, larger sharks arrived and dominated. These two large females wowed all on board, one in particular that had some amazing behaviour and stuck around for the rest of the trip. It was soon relised that this was one of the females we met last year, “Scarlett”, named so due to the fresh bite wounds covering most of her head and an injury to the tip of the caudal fin. We have not seen this shark since 2015 and are amazed to see how much she has grown and how well her wounds have healed with only faint bite scars and the tip of her tail missing. For more information on this shark and pictures from her previous visit see one of our blogs from last year here. The last shark of the trip showed up a bit late, with a very small juvenile being spotted as we were pulling up anchor. A fantastic send-off for our visitors.


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