Daily Blog 04 March 2016 (Trip 1 + 2) | Great White Shark Cage Diving Gansbaai

Guest comment: “Absolutely amazing day! All of the crew were so helpful and made it extra special – I will recommend to anyone going to Cape Town. Thank you!” – Hanna

“Amazing! So happy with my experience today and th crew did a wonderful job!” – Lauren

“One of the best experiences of my life. Crew was phenomenal!” – Matthew


Location: Joubertsdam
Water Temperature: 16.9’C + 15.8’C
Depth: 9.1m + 8.2m
Visibility: 1.0m + 0.5m
Number of Sharks: 8 + 7
Conditions: Clear skies with increasing winds creating chop in the afternoon.

A fantastic start to the day as we spotted our first shark as we were heading to our anchor site, and our second shark just as we were set the anchor down. The shark that arrived once we anchored was none other than “Rosie”, who stuck around for most of the trip and put on such a fantastic show that she had everybody on board captivated. We also had two juvenile males show up that we know, one was “Francois” one of our recently tagged sharks and the other was “Mark the shark” a individual we have been monitoring for the last year after he sustained damage to his dorsal fin. Not to be left out we also had “Mini Rosie”, the smaller version of our original “Rosie” turn up at the end and even though she is close to a 1.5m smaller she too wowed our visitors. We packed up a little earlier today as our Whale boat, Dream Catcher, had called in and reported a sighting of a Elephant seal on Geyser Rock so we headed out to the Islands to see what we could find, in the worst case we would see some Cape Fur seals , in the best we could see a rare sighting for this area. The boat cruised slowly along the area we thought it would be, with the crews’ keen eyes looking for something out of place and low and behold it was spotted swimming amongst the other seals. This was a female Southern Elephant seal, the largest species of seal known and one we have seen on only a few occasions in our area. We watched her swimming up and down the waters edge as she glanced in our direction every now and again with her big, dark, beautiful eyes. Such a special sighting for all those on board, visitors and crew alike! On our second trip for the day we left Kleinbaai harbour and were heading straight back to the Shallows. There we picked up the cage and got straight back into our shark dives. It took a little while for the first shark to arrive, but then we had the sharks around the vessel nonstop. After the first cage “Rosie” approached us again, as she slowly passed up and down in front of the divers and boat. We also had “Mini Rosie’ around, who we know well too but see a bit more often throughout the year than the larger version. Great to see both these sharks return for the second trip. Although the wind picked up in the afternoon we had an amazing trip with great shark activity. An interesting and action packed day out on the water…

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