Cage Diving South Africa | Daily Trip 08 August 2014 (Trip1+2)

Guest comment: “I absolutely love this company! And the sharks were ace too!  Thank you! – Hannah

Loved the boat, loved the crew and loved my Great White encounter! Will definitely recommend to others!” – Rachel

“The Great White Shark was so majestic! I had a great view of these creatures from the boat!” – Heike


Location: Joubertsdam
Water Temperature: 15.3’C
Depth: 8.9m
Visibility: 5.0m
Number of Sharks: 1 + 3
Conditions: Clearing skies and small swell

The first trip of the day saw mild conditions if somewhat overcast, and quite low shark activity, having only a single, albeit large, shark visit the boat just as the sun crept out from around the clouds. Would that the shark had spent more time with us, but unfortunately after a couple passes this solitary visitor moved on. The afternoon trip saw increased shark activity with only a five minute wait till our first big toothy fish arrived, this 3.5m individual was very active around the cage allowing divers to truly appreciate the magnificence of these creatures! Surprisingly yet very welcomed was the amazing visibility seen in the shallows today. Generally in the shallows we see anything between 0.5m to 4.0m however today we our divers were able to easily see 5m from the cage which also gave those onboard the lovely view of the sharks cruising deep down! Every trip is different in the shallows…

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Cage Diving in South Africa

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