• Shark cage diving in Gansbaai, South Africa with Marine Dynamics. Experience the exceptional and come face to face with a great white shark! 

  • The exact world record white shark is a contested issue, but chances are it is between 6-7m. In Gansbaai, the largest white shark ever caught was at Danger Point and measured up to 5.9m.

  • If you see a white shark in the water don’t panic. Chances are high that the shark has already detected you and isn’t interested. White shark attacks are normally associated with poor visibility, so avoid murky conditions.

  • White sharks have a unique system called a “counter current heat exchange”, which keeps their body  tempreture +/- 7C above the surrounding water temperature. 

  • All sharks have an incredibly unique system on the tip of their nose called the “ampillae of Lorenzini”. These are small pores filled with a gel that transmits the electrical currents in the water to the shark’s brain so that it can assess its environment.

  • White sharks give birth to live young (not eggs), and they give birth to 6-8 pups at one time. Pups are usually between 1.0-1.5m in length and are born with teeth.

  • Body language has been a well documented form of shark communication and has identified body arching, jaw gaping, and other postures as specific social tactics.


Great White Shark Cage Diving South Africa

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Shark Cage Diving in South Africa

You think you have what it takes to come face-to-face with a Great White Shark and you know that South Africa is the best place to do it, right? Good, because while we are sure you have what it takes, we can guarantee that South Africa is the number one destination for Great White Shark Cage Diving Tours.

Africa is known by its insatiable appetite for adventure and no place is this more true than at its southernmost tip. South Africa has become internationally recognised as the gateway to Africa, attracting people from all around the world looking to discover their adventurous spirit and explore the hidden treasures this extreme continent has to offer. As you are reading this we assume Shark Cage Diving in South Africa is on the top of your bucket list.
Known as the Great White Shark Cage Diving Hotspot of the world, South Africa offers unrivalled encounters with one of the worlds most feared predators alive. We welcome all people big and small, young and old, to come to South Africa and experience this life-changing adrenalin rush. This is your chance to get up-close and personal with the great white, book a Shark Diving Tour in South Africa and Discover & Protect these magnificent creatures of the deep.

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Per Kid (Under 12) R1,100.00
Exclusive Trips (1 to 8 pax)@ R31,000.00 available excluding transport See More
Exclusive Trips (9 to 20 pax) available @ R44,000.00 excluding transport See More
Require Transport from Cape Town to Gansbaai? Marine Dynamics offers travel from Cape Town at R500 per person See More

Getting ready for your 'White Shark Safari'

    There are only a handful of licensed cage diving operators in South Africa and making the right choice between them is very important. Marine Dynamics has become recognised as the industry leader due to their pioneering eco-tourism focus and unrivalled service excellence.
    The boat Slashfin is the first purpose-built vessel of its kind and the biggest in the industry. It has an incredibly spacious upper level for the best surface viewing, relaxing between dives and awesome photographic opportunities. Also, if you book online with Marine Dynamics you get a FREE VIDEO of your Shark Cage Diving experience.
    The Marine Dynamics headquarters, officially known as the Great White House, is by far the most luxurious and well equipped hosting facility in South Africa. There is B&B accommodation, a restaurant, bar, curio shop and more. Breakfast and lunch are included in your trip cost and there are also snacks on-board for during the cage dive.
    Marine Dynamics is based in Gansbaai the Great white Capital and only place in the world that has great white shark cage diving tours all year round. Unlike other cage diving destinations, in Gansbaai the boat trip from harbour to dive site is only 15 minutes.
    No diving experience is required to cage dive, all you need is a healthy sense of adventure!
  • 100% SAFE 100% ADRENALIN
    On Marine Dynamics YOUR SAFETY IS PRIORITY.
    The Great White Shark Tours are safe for children and elders alike. There is specialised gear and a highly qualified team with years of experience in providing close encounters with one of natures most feared predators under extremely safe conditions.

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