Pioneers of Change

Grainne Perryman

Visiting Marine Biologist

Grainne, a dedicated marine scientist from Ireland, began her journey with Marine Dynamics as a Marine Dynamics Academy Intern in 2022. Her academic background and fieldwork experience make her a valuable asset to our team.

For her Bachelor’s project, Grainne focused on Baited Remote Underwater Videos (BRUVs), using this innovative technology to uncover the mysteries beneath the waves. Her research provided valuable insights into marine species behaviour and distribution, showcasing her analytical skills and commitment to marine science.

Since 2023, Grainne has been joining our shark cage diving boats, where her enthusiasm and knowledge enhance the experience for all guests. She meticulously collects species data and captures ID photographs, contributing to our ongoing research and conservation efforts.

Grainne’s thirst for knowledge and passion for marine life continue to drive her forward. She will pursue her Master’s degree with a focus on Marine Top Predator Ecology. This advanced study will deepen her understanding of marine ecosystems and further her contributions to marine conservation.

Grainne’s journey from Ireland to South Africa reflects her unwavering dedication to marine conservation. Her dual role as a visiting guide and marine biologist allows her to make significant contributions to both guest experiences and scientific knowledge. Grainne’s commitment to advancing marine science and conservation is evident in all she does, making her an integral part of the Marine Dynamics team.

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